Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Get By With A Little (Lot Of) Help From My Friends

Right, so I know everybody was just all out teetering on the edges of their seats waiting for me to put a new link on my blog here.  So I did!  Hahahahaaaa! 

This is it, just in case some amongst you are not inclined to moving your cursor slightly north-east of this spot: 

Check it out, Bryan (the guy I mentioned quite a bit in previous posts, who is the guy who keeps me on track when I get lazy) has finally built his own website with nutrition/fitness information on it galore. 

Also check this out:  When Bryan first came to me with the knowledge he'd been researching, I listened and immediately lost thirty pounds.  No kidding.  That was a year ago, still haven't gained it back.  Not planning to. 

Also I can now do over a hundred pushups now in one tabata set and get MAD air when I jump (thanks to the jumping squats), which my jiggly, largely sedentary former self would have never been able to do. 

Now whenever a burning bus needs to be lifted off of some unfortunate school children and I happen to pop by, I'll be able to handle that situation. 

...whereas before I wouldn't have been able to.  You probably got that without me having to explain it...


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Experiments With Nudity

Actually this is just a social experiment to see how many people click on a title including the word "nudity"

Me:  "hehehe... and you thought this was a blog about food and stuff." 

I must be bored.  Maybe I should do some pushups or something. 


Is Our Timeline Too Microcosmic?

Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  I think every culture that deals with a winter every year has some kind of fall festival/feast (we come up with various reasons to do it), which I imagine is because winters are tough and packing away a few pounds before it snows is a solid survival tactic. 

It got me to thinking. 

I always read about how people need so much of this and so much of that every day in order to maintain a certain level of healthiness. 

The numbers are always conflicting and the general consensus is always "Get more exercise and eat better food and you should be alright"

It really makes me wonder... wouldn't it be better to NOT eat the same amount of everything every day?  Does the body actually need a massive dose of (for example) vitamin E every single day? 

As long as it gets enough every so often it should be okay, right?  Aside from cutting out the obviously unhealthy stuff, why regulate the stuff you do need, like protein, carbs, iron, etc etc etc... to such specific amounts every day?  

The body is a pretty amazing thing in its ability to survive and to adapt to challenges and changes.  Knowing that really makes me doubt that I need to regulate the amount that I get of each and every dietary supplement every single day. 

It seems to me that we should think about nutrition on a much longer timeline than "daily". 

Naturally there's no science in what I'm saying, just a general feeling that the way we think about nutrition is still a little bit broken. 

Any thoughts?


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Plans vs Life

The plan:  Eat a respectably Paleo breakfast, lunch and dinner, then dutifully power through a solid Tabata workout, run a quick mile on the treadmill, take a nice refreshing shower and then get to work on some other projects.

Life:  Made it through breakfast and lunch, then got sidetracked into shopping for a laptop for hours, then came down with a serious case of the "Screw it, I'm hungries" and ate a gigantic bacon cheeseburger with onion rings.  Finally I made it home, put on comfy pants and commenced loafing. 

Damn!  Got me again. 


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Invented a New Tabata Exercise... Maybe!

I found a great way to really get at my abs (I should say "ab").  It's the first time I've really felt the exercise get in there and start working all the parts of my belly. 

Anyway I thought I'd mention it in here and see if anybody already knew about it or if it was a bad idea for some mechanical reason that would eventually cause my spine to telescope or my toes to suddenly become inside-out or something. 

Here's what I do:  I lay flat on the floor on my back with legs straight out and my hands down at my sides.  Wait, that's not it... there's more:  I crunch up and to the side, reaching with my left hand for my left knee-cap without lifting my legs until I can tap it, then back down.  Then I repeat for the right side and so on for the duration of the set.  To reach each knee-cap I have to lift my shoulders up and squeeze down to the side. 

It's the all-new, all-improved, all-untested-by-any-authority knee-cap-tap crunch! 
*crowd roars*

Man it really got in there and let me know I was getting a workout.  Tomorrow will be interesting since this is the first time I've really felt that deep burn on the ab workout. 



Monday, October 31, 2011

I Fished For My Dinner, and Caught a Cold

Leftovers from last night make an excellent lunch today:  Pan-fried halibut and lemon rice.  I know rice isn't really Paleo, it's one of the exceptions that I make... halibut is totally Paleo though, especially since I hauled it up myself from the bottom of the ocean a few miles from Homer AK.

It's always an adventure, which is a good thing because if I was just doing it for the fish by the time I got through paying for the air-fare, RV rental, gas, charter fees, camping fees and hospital fees from when I whittled the tip of my finger off while sitting around the campfire during all this, the halibut cost me about 40 bucks a pound.

Totally worth it. 

Halibut are UGLY!  Look: 

Imagine if he was like "Good morning dear, how about a kiss?" 

Who caught that and said "Hey that looks tasty!"  Probably a very hungry dude indeed.  He was right though, they are super tasty.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

The New Standard is 100

When I started the Tabata workout several weeks back I would go on and on about how eventually I'd hit 100 push ups.  Now I hit at least 100 every time, which seems insane to me!

I've been slacking on the sprints lately.  I need to get back on track with those.  Pretty soon it'll be too cold outside to run up and down the street, so I might replace them with treadmill grinding and work on my stamina. 

For me, hands down the hardest part of any workout is getting around to doing it. 

I have to keep it as part of my daily routine or it'll fizzle like so many new year resolutions.  Can't have that! 

A couple of weeks ago I started doing Tabata curls with my 35s that I always stub my toe on and I'm noticing marked improvement in how many reps I can do each set.  The first time I did them my arms were sore for two days, now it's not even noticeable.   

Gotta pump up the glamour muscles...